OSTOURA - Time Traveller Demo

OSTOURA - Badawish Demo

OSTOURA - Folk & Flamenco Demo

OSTOURA - They Caught Me With a Heavy Load Demo


Time Traveller

The album featuring jangly guitars, rich orchestration, and sun-soaked harmonies.
Record features 10 tracks including rarities, alternate and acoustic versions.
Time Traveller is a welcome reminder of the spellbinding simplicity and
unhurried elegance at the nexus of post-rock and dream pop.
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The album is absolutely essential listening for any fan of dream pop or shoe-gaze.
Badawish album representing a gorgeous melodies unfold at a deliberate
pace into a soundscape steeped with heartfelt optimism.

Folk & Flamenco

Tunes not only retained the fragile beauty of the pop music in a nuevo flamenco
styke but also evoked a more textured ambiance, owing in part to the wider
array of instrumentation employed as cello, viola, and acoustic guitar.

They Caught Me With a Heavy Load

Live remastered songs of country rock songs, Ostoura was leading a cover band.
Ostoura was the vocal, b-bender solo guitarist, and diatonic harmonica.
Most tunes was a tribute for the legendary band Dire Straits,
or their lead guitarist and main vocal Mark Knopfler.